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I've had this camera for many years, but only recently appreciated what it is that it does. Very clean images, bags of detail. The focal-length is one which I don't often want to use, however, so it doesn't get as much use as it would otherwise do. The Yashica Mat is odd, I find, in that the photographs it produces only really seem remarkable (if at all!) when blown up. The excellent resolution of the Yashinon lens, and the fact that the negatives are large, combine to produce detail that is only apparent when one can tell it's there. And then, when large, the images gain a stature they don't have when viewed small; the intricacies of the image add to the effect of the overall subject.
There's more to come here, but this is a start.

Only when large is it possible to see the individual grasses blowing in the wind and the small drainage ditches in the saltings. At this size one is left with just the simple arrangement of main subject areas.

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