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I wasn't aware of the 35SP until recently, and I came to know of it through seeing other people's photographs that seemed to have something about them. Ever on the lookout for a camera with an integral meter that could rival the Leica M2 I thought I would like to try one. Luckily, having bought it blind off the net, the meter works, and I have to say it's one of the most trustworthy meters I've met. All the images below were taken on Auto, including some quite tricky subjects. There is some advantage, though it does take a little time to set up, in using the EV reading and opting for a slow shutter speed to keep the f stops small, but in general the Auto setting is fine. I use a Wein Cell in it, which lasts me almost a year - you just have to keep your wits about you in case its beginning to drop off as the months go by. I've just put a new one in the camera - perhaps I should put a reminder on next year's calender? Am I that sort of person? No.
Impressions are that the Summaron on the Leica M2 might still just have it in terms of absolute available sharpness, though some of the comparisons I have in mind aren't actually comparing like with like in terms of the film/developer, and the 42mm f1.7 lens on the 35SP is clearly an extraordinarily good lens, particularly wide open where it exceeds the sharpness of the Summaron. And the attraction, to me, of a smallish camera with it's own meter is significant. So, Trip 35 anyone? Am I joking? No. I find, now, that I use my Trip most of all, but there's no denying that the 35SP is an astonishingly good and capable camera, and it probably would out-perfom my Trip in a lines/mm pointless test, but it is more bulky than the Trip. My 35SP is undeniably more flexible than a Trip and it is a lot more convenient than my M2 so it definitely it has its place and I think I'm lucky to have one.

Above: Getting dark Below: Actually dark

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